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10 Steps to Achieve Satiety When You Eat

Have you ever eaten a large, carb-laden meal and, even though you packed in the calories, felt hungry in just a short while? Or...

How Sugar Can Cause Cancer

Today, I want to tell you about how addictive sugar can cause cancer. With the number of people getting cancer growing each single year,...

Metal in Baby Food: Study Finds 95% Contain Heavy Metals

Of all food categories, it may be safe to say that ensuring the purity of baby foods and making sure there are no toxic...

Can Emotions Lower Inflammation? 5 Ways to Get Those Emotions

Could experiencing a range of positive emotions actually improve your health and reduce disease risk?According to a recent study, yes, certain emotions lower inflammation...

Hyperplasia: Separating Fact from Fiction & How to Treat It

There is a lot of information out there about hyperplasia — some accurate and some not so accurate. It sure sounds like a scary...